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Presentation of Our guide

For nearly 25 years, we have been traversing vineyards in order to meet vine growers, and publishing the results of some comprehensive tasting files.

Hundreds of samples have thus been tasted by our tasting committee, either per appellation or blind.

Each number presents several appellations and a selection of the best wines available for sale.

The credibility of the information is guaranteed by the total lack of vine grower and cellarman advertising and by the fact that barely 25 to 30% of the wines that are preselected in situ are found in the guide.

Each file comprises:

A presentation of the vineyard and its topicality;
The classification of the best wines with a complete commentary, the vineyard’s vines, the wines’ purchase prices and their “pleasure/price” ratio;
Dish/Wine Concordances;
Details of the vine growers, their websites and the addresses of their possible importers in Belgium